016 Welcome to the Internet – Matt Rix

In episode 16 I’m joined by Matt Rix – game developer and creator of Trainyard, an iOS game released in 2010.

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Matt Rix is the creator of Trainyard, a popular iPhone game that he made in his spare time. For a week in October of 2010, Trainyard was the #2 app on the App Store.

Matt graduated from the “Multimedia Design and Production” program at Humber College in 2005, and then worked at Indusblue in Toronto as a Flash Developer for five years. In January of 2011 he founded Magicule, a game development company, where he’s now focused on creating innovative mobile games.


We chatted about starting out as a Flash developer and making the jump to iOS development, Matt’s inspiration for Trainyard (hint: it involves riding on trains), how developing a trial app helped get him familiar to iOS before spending time on Trainyard. We also go through his release, marketing and promotion of Trainyard and talk about what works and what doesn’t on the iTunes App store.

Finally, we talked about developing for RIM’s Playbook (including his review of actually seeing his app running on a Playbook), his plans for Android and iPad versions of Trainyard, an update to Trainyard called Trainyard Engineer as well as what he’s got in store for a followup to Trainyard.

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