008 Welcome to the Internet – Anthony Stauffer

In our eighth episode we chat with Anthony Stauffer – a blues guitar teacher at the internet.

I just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up that this episode went longer than our typical interviews have thus far – it ended up being around an hour – but I hope you’ll enjoy my chat with Anthony as much as I did. There is tons of great stuff to learn from a guy doing what he loves in a business online.

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Anthony is self-employed as a blues guitar teacher on the internet. StevieSnacks started as a hobby in 2007 when he began publishing free video guitar lessons on YouTube. Over the next two years, this hobby turned into a full-time job as his lessons attracted a dedicated customer base, and a worldwide audience.

He is a versatile geek, heavy Mac user, happy husband and proud father.


I was introduced to Anthony through his co-hosting duties on The Mixdown, a video podcast show that talks all about how to get audio/video on to the internet and out to your audience. I was very interested in someone who was able to make a living doing what they love online and wanted to pick his brain about how he started, what he’s learned along the way, when he decided to quit his job to pursue this full time, and advice to someone wanting to do similar projects online.

Some highlights from the interview:

  • Knowing when to leave a full time job to go with his new business.
  • Having time constraints (i.e. a full time job) can help narrow your focus on what you really need to do to be successful. Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of constraints.
  • Not having enough time helped him to decide not to have a forum or a subscription model – freeing him up to work on content.
  • Being ready to make the move. It takes time to develop a level of proficiency in key areas of what you want to do. It can’t happen overnight.
  • Friendliness doesn’t equal being a friend and the balance of customer service.
  • Not losing sleep over people attempting to pirate your content.
  • Deciding not to focus on building community and instead focusing on putting out a great product that speaks for itself.
  • We talk numbers of customers, visitors to his website and the benefit of focusing on a niche rather than trying to cater to everyone.
  • Not listening to the advice of social media gurus and marketing geniuses and doing what feels right for your business.
  • And we chat a bit about where he’d like to take StevieSnacks and what the future of basing your income on an online business might look like.
  • Don’t get famous for doing something that you’re not comfortable doing every day.

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