First Tuesday – Jordon Cooper

This is a special episode of The YXE featuring a chat with Jordon Cooper of The Lighthouse Saskatoon after he and DeeAnn Mercier gave a talk at First Tuesday – a monthly meeting at The Two Twenty in Saskatoon.

Intro Music

Late Night Radio by Slow Down, Molasses


Guest Bio

First Tuesday – on the first Tuesday of every month, we invite a speaker to address a diverse group of creative thinkers and doers–entrepreneurs, non-profits, business owners, and artists. The speaker has 15 minutes to present an idea, problem or issue that could use creative input. After the presentation, we open the floor to a discussion where the group brainstorms solutions, ideas and alternatives.

As a participant in First Tuesday you’re given the opportunity to connect with a local community working towards making Saskatoon a strong, healthy, and vibrant city. And you get to offer your perspective, too.