003 Colours & Code – Contract and Lawyers

Colours & Code will explore the business as well as the tech side of the web from the perspective of a freelancer developer. Blaine is a web developer & designer who freelances with various clients and agencies in Saskatoon. He brings experience working full time at agencies as well as individual client work and has an opinion on things that you probably won’t agree with.

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For episode 3 Blaine and Chris gave a bit of an update on their respective businesses – Blaine talking about his web design and development and Chris spoke about SSKTN. The bulk of the episode was about contracts in web design and how they are, in Blaine’s words, among the most important things he’s done in his freelance career.

We talked about bringing up the idea of a contract early in the conversation with a prospective client, including your own variation on the Van Halen brown M&M’s rider, and in general getting over the idea that a contract is a bad thing.

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