SSKTN has, for all intents and purposes, been retired as of August, 2014. All shows in production have been moved to Goodstuff.fm.

The domain and site may be resurrected in some form. Watch my Twitter account or blog for details.

I’d really like to thank all listeners, guests and fans of SSKTN who’ve supported me and the podcasting I do over the years. Without having you tuning in, downloading and listening each week it goes without saying that I would have given up on this little hobby a long time ago.

If you’d like to support me in my continuing podcasting efforts, please visit my Patreon page for details on how you can do just that.


Previous About Content

SSKTN.com is, like most sites these days, a work in progress. The website and podcasts are produced by Chris Enns and often involve a variety of random folks.

Here’s where we’ve progressed to thus far.

Chris Enns’ History with Audio and Podcasting

I’ve long had an interest in creating, particularly in audio. It started with recording pretend radio shows on my ghetto blaster, though to the best of my knowledge I was never actually living in a ghetto that needed blasting. I would introduce a song in my cheesiest radio announcer voice and then record the song of choice (likely New Kids on the Block) from the other tape deck in the stereo. I never gave these to anyone or did anything with them – I just loved the idea that you could record what you were saying and play it back.

Later on, that interest transferred to music and recording my guitar. I upgraded to a 4 track recorder and would bounce tracks back and forth trying to create an epic song that would win over the hearts and minds of… the ladies, naturally. Again, very little of this saw the light of day (or anyone’s ears) except for a few buddies who I’d jam with and dream of rock stardom.

Eventually came digital audio recording (Cool Edit Pro, then some other stuff, then Garageband, then Logic) it became so much easier to record multitrack recording and other software instruments to my lame guitar picking. Tons of fun with very little expense or tape to worry about scratching. Back in my day… Add in a keen interest in editing video and you have the makings of a very expensive hobby.

I had been toying with the idea of doing a podcast for awhile. I did a 5 episode run of a U2 fan podcast in 2009 with Christopher Schmitt, but we didn’t know what we were talking about and got kicked off the internet by Bono.

Heil PR40

History of SSKTN


Before SSKTN came about, I had a short-lived U2 focused podcast which first aired April 13th, 2009.

The first episode on SSKTN was published in November, 2010. It was the beginnings of Welcome to the Internet. You can listen to it here. I cringe even linking to it now. But we all start somewhere.

In 2011 shows such as Surviving Survivor (a podcast I did with my wife about the television show Survivor), The Google Juice (a great rant/discussion show with the talented Anthony Stauffer), and Colours & Code followed. Some live to this day. Others are on temporary or permanent hiatus.

By early 2012 I had set up a few different podcasts on different websites. Shows such as Too Lazy to Blog and Experts on Everything each had the own domain/website because I thought they were out of the scope of what SSKTN was about. I was wrong.

In mid 2012 I decided to bring them all together under a single domain and started work on what would become version 3 of the SSKTN website.

In early 2013 I (finally) launched version 3 of SSKTN. You can read the announcement blog post for more details.

Show History

Welcome to the Internet in iTunes


I watched as Leo Laporte made the transition from TechTV on cable to a podcast network, Twit.tv, and succeed way beyond anything he had done on television. I also came across Dan Benjamin through web design circles and have watched him start 5by5.tv, a podcast network for nerds, with some great interview shows like The Pipeline as well as tech discussion shows such as The Talk Show and The Big Web Show.

Through googling, I also landed at The Podcast Answerman, a show put out by the GSPN.tv podcast network that talks about all the tricks and techniques to run a successful podcast for a business by a guy who does nothing but podcasting & podcast consulting for a living.

SSKTN Home Base

Where Are We Going?

In 2011 I quit my job to start my own business, Lemon Productions, which is a web design and marketing company. While it’s been a ton of fun work keeping clients happy, I’ve been blessed with the ability to put more time into SSKTN and as of early 2012 have been using Tuesdays and Thursdays to record and produce over 200 podcasts episodes (as of mid-2013).

I love the conversations I get to have with people through podcasting here at SSKTN and the more I get to do it, the more I want to see SSKTN become my full time gig. While I know it won’t happen overnight, I’m enjoying the journey and really appreciate all the support from friends, family, show guests and listeners.

Thank You and How You Can Help Build SSKTN

If you’d like to help support what I do here at SSKTN, I’d invite you to consider supporting me on Patreon.

Wait! Why SSKTN.com?

SSKTN.com is just the name of the city I live in, Saskatoon, without any vowels. I though it was kind of neat and works as either a network call sign, i.e. WKRP in Cincinnati. Plus it’s hard to say really fast, over and over again.